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Nov. 21, 2016 :  score 4/5

"This book will keep you spellbound. It contains a hint of comedy, a zigzag set of stories that tie together with a dramatic closing. I could not put down the book in the last trimester of the story. I had to know! It takes you through many areas that are eye openers and personal conjectures. Easy to get hooked on this book. I would recommend this book to any Clancey fans."



By Steve Ellis
ISBN: 9781370855407

A chance event leads the British security service MI6, to discovering information of a very serious nature. The story line begins in the UK and takes the principle characters along an international race against time.

One night, in the dark back streets of East London. David Bryant, an MI6 operative is taken captive by two men. Following his release from captivity, a web of disjointed information comes to light. To Bryant and his team, the snippets of information appear as a jigsaw puzzle. As the facts come together, they point towards a conspiracy to sell classified information to person's unknown. The problem is that the information belongs to another country. What should MI6 do, keep quiet, or inform the friendly nation of the facts? The situation is further complicated by a mole inside MI6.

Bryant is forced into a race against time. One that spans three countries on two continents. The potential danger to the nation at risk could quickly become catastrophic!

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