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    About Steve Ellis  Steve Ellis - photo

Steve was born in the UK, and grew up in South East London during the 1950's. The area was tough, with many of the local men working in the docks or on the River Thames. As a child he became aware of life as it happened around him, and captured these events in his mind. Steve chose to make his career in Information Technology. Starting in the early days of desktop computing, it progressed through to the advanced systems that now dominate the technological world that we know today. The various positions that he held gave him exposure to a wide and interesting range of computer technology in the internationally arena. During his work and travel, Steve continued the process of observation of life around him that he had first established in his childhood.

When he retired he moved initially to Toronto, and then to Guelph, Ontario. Where he lives with his wife.

Being an avid reader, Steve eventually took the plunge and tried his hand at writing a novel, 'Unwitting Enemy'. In his book, Steve draws his ideas from places he has visited and things he has seen, as well as from his background in the world of technology.

Steve also can be found on his blog site  'Writers block ......not again!'


An interview with Steve Ellis

by Smashwords the publishers of Unwitting Enemy

Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?

I grew up in South East London, back in the 1950’s – 60’s. It was a tough Inner City, Docklands area. When I started working I moved away from London, although I returned regularly to visit my parents. Over the years, my various jobs gave me the opportunity to travel to many countries and see other ways of life.

So in answer to the question, I believe that my writing is influenced by things I have seen and places I have been. The world is a tough place, and I believe that the lives of its people are formed by their environment. But what interests me greatly, is that everyone can and do make choices, for good or for bad. In many cases I find those choices heart warming, and at the other extreme, very disturbing.

When did you first start writing?

When I retired, I found that I had time to reflect and be creative.

What’s the story behind ‘Unwitting Enemy’?

I have always enjoyed stories by the likes of Lee Child, Robert Ludlum, Tom Clancy, David Baldacci and James Patterson. I guess that my style has been influenced by what I have read. 

Unwitting Enemy begins with David Bryant, an MI6 agent, being captured by persons unknown. The Bryant character, has a background that would not make him the first choice for an MI6 agent. Following Bryant's rescue, a series of chance events lead to the discovery of a plot against a friendly nation. The story line begins in the UK and takes the main characters on an international race against time. The plot has a bit of everything as one would hope for. From industrial espionage, and a mole inside MI6, to international terrorism, and more.

What motivated you to become an indie author?

That’s an interesting question. In part it's because of my life long commitment to the constructive use of technology. As an early adopter of eBooks, I found that I could build a library and carry it with me wherever went. One that is now approaching 2000 eBooks, but I must confess I have not read all of them. Yet!

As a newbie to writing, I have found the world of printing and publishing quite daunting. A couple of years ago I became aware of the indie publisher, Smashwords. After much thought and research I decided that indie publishing was the way to go for my first novel.

Please describe your desk?

My desk is wherever I am, at the cottage sitting on the deck, in a coffee shop enjoying a well brewed cup, or sitting at home on the couch.  My main machine is a MacBook Pro with MS Word. Also I use my iPad a lot when I'm on the go! I find that the Apple products play well together.

What is your e-reading device of choice?

After a lifetime of working with Microsoft products, and  being a Windows wizard, I recently changed camp, and I became an Apple geek!

I needed standardization and an app that was available across all my devices.  I have found that the Apple iBook's App on my iPhone, iPad and MacBook Pro works well for me. I think it’s great because it supports a number of eBook formats, and best of all, it’s free!



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