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David Bryant

David Bryant's background is not typical of an MI6 Intelligence officer. They need at least a 2.2 degree, along with qualities such as an interest in foreign culture, sound judgment, emotional intelligence and the ability to understand and connect with a diverse range of people.

Bryant did not go to university, he went to Her Majesty's Prison Nebworth. And that was where Brian Logan met him at. Logan's first impression was that the youth standing before him was, surely, introverted, and very smart! Logan remembered what the recruitment criteria stated, that ‘the ideal candidate is probably not the obvious candidate’. David Bryant was taken under Logan's wing, and became a very effective operative.

From Unwitting Enemy

“Bryant found school little of a challenge. His teachers found him to be sullen and non-responsive to their efforts at improving his education. His parents Thomas and Mary Bryant were not as concerned as the school. From an early age, they could see that David was bright, exceptionally bright. At seven, he had a reading age of fourteen. Likewise, David knew that he was different from the other kids.”

“Although it was a long time since he'd had long hair, he still thought of himself as being on the fringe of orthodoxy. In the field, you had to become invisible, and proficient in the use of disguise. In his locker, Bryant had some different bit's of clothing that he could mix and match. Also, a bag that he could collect in a hurry, which contained items he might need to survive for a while. He called it his 'flight bag'. Bryant quickly changed into a pair of jeans, tee shirt, a light grey hoody, with a black zipper jacket over the top. He finished his dressing with a pair of Reebok runners. None of these items was new; being worn and scuffed they helped him to be unobtrusive on the streets.”

Brian Logan

Brian Logan came from a privileged background. His education was Eton, Oxford university and Sandhurst military academy.
At Eton, he was a top student, gaining enter to Oxford at the age of fifteen. Where he got a first in History and Politics. Upon leaving Oxford he gained graduate entry into Sandhurst military collage. On passing out he joined military intelligence, and that is where his activities fell below the radar. What he did during those years is pure speculation. He eventually surfaced at Vauxhall Cross, the MI6 headquarters building.

As a department head, reporting direct to the Director, Logan is a high ranking Intelligence Officer. By his staff, he is seen as a 'bit of a cold fish', with precise speech and the tendency to clip the pronunciation of words.

From Unwitting Enemy
“David guessed that Logan was around five feet ten, slim and fit looking. He appeared to be in his mid-thirties and was clean-shaven with his dark hair cut in a short, not exactly modern style. He wore a high quality, dark blue 'Savile Row' suit, crisp white shirt and college tie. David noticed how Logan's speech was very clear and precise, with a slight clipping at the end of sentences.”

Ed Burns

Deputy Director Ed Burns, PhD, Navy, Capt. Had a distinguished carer in the US Navy before joining the CIA. Had he remained in the service, he would have reached the rank of Admiral. He had been recruited because of his PhD in Political Science which he obtained before joining the navy, his leadership quality's, and the diplomatic skills he had demonstrated while on assignment to the US Embassy in Moscow.

While attending an international conference on the potential threat of AL-Qaeda and radical Islamic terrorism, the year before 9/11, Burns became an acquaintance of Brian Logan, who was also attending the conference. Ed Burns wasn't a Deputy Director at that time but made outstanding progress in his career over the following years.

From Unwitting Enemy

Later in his office, Burns briefed the two Brit's on his meeting. "The President has agreed in principle to our plan. He'll call the Canadian Prime Minister and apprise him of the situation. Now we just wait. But I will start to prepare for a meeting in Ottawa."

Hanna Larson

In her last year at at High School, one day, Hanna happened to come across a CIA website. On one of the pages she found a questionnaire. It was to see if you would be a suitable candidate for the CIA. As a joke, she filled it in, with no intention of submitting it. With the form completed, Hanna's inner self said "what the hell!" and she sent the form to the CIA. Some Joke! She was interviewed, offered a job and fast tracked to become a filed agent.

From Unwitting Enemy

Agent Larson did not stand, but just extend her hand towards Bryant. He grasped her cool hand in his and shook it gently, retaining a light grip he said, "Good to meet you."

"Don't be afraid to grasp my hand agent Bryant. I'll not break!" she replied with a kindly smile.

Bryant slightly blushed and released her hand. Then took a more direct look at the agent. He noted that she had a European accent beneath a Bostonian inflection, he thought it might have been Slavic or Teutonic. She appeared to be of a similar age to himself, slim and fit with a particular toning to her muscles that said 'I work out!'


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